Clear Feeding Cup

  • clear plastic cup with lid & spout
  • designed for easy gripping
  • vented lid with drinking 8mm or 4mm spout hole
  • supplied in pairs
  • capacity 200ml
  • available in two sizes with a 4mm spout or an 8mm spout
  • dishwasher safe


A Clear Feeding Cup with a lid and spout with two lid types available – a standard vented lid with a drinking spout or a lid with an adjustable spout that can be set vertical or clicked into an angled position is required. Both lids are available in 4mm spouts for liquids or 8mm spouts for semi-solids /thickened liquids. The lids are interchangeable and available separately. Cups are sold in pairs and are stackable.

Product Codes:

  • Standard – 126094 (4mm spout), 126095 (8mm spout)
  • Adjustable – 126096 (4mm spout), 126097 (8mm spout)



Additional information


8mm spout


adjustable 4mm spout


adjustable 8mm spout

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