ORNAMIN Thermo Mugs

  • thermodynamic – contents stay warm or cool
  • large ergonomic handle
  • thermo mug & thermo vital mug 320mL capacity
  • glow in the dark mug 280mL capacity


Ornamin Thermo Mugs keep their contents warm or cool for longer.  Ideal for slow drinkers.  Featuring large handles for easy grip and available in three mug types – Thermo Mug, Thermo Vital and Thermo Glow in the Dark.  The Vital Thermo Mug has a conical shaped inner cup and the Glow in the Dark mug glows after exposure to light. See the brochure for full details and to peruse the Ornamin range.

Product Codes: 131497 (Thermo), 131498 (Thermo Vital) and 131499 (Glow)

Product Brochure: Ornamin Range


Additional information


Thermo Vital Mug with conical shaped inner cup


Thermo Glow-in-the-Dark Mug

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