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Varilite Evolution Cushion

Varilite Evolution Cushion

The Varilite Evolution is the cushion of choice for wheelchair users with a high risk of tissue breakdown and symmetric positioning needs.  Therapists recommend it for individuals with motor and neurological dysfunction due to spinal-cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and traumatic brain injury.

  • Low weight
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • No pumps or accessories

Features include:

  • Air-Foam floatation – ultralight without compromising pressure distribution and support
    • Functional areas of cushion are created by three types of foam: soft foam for the decubitus-sensitive area of the ITs; medium foam for the thigh trough, pelvic bucketing and pre-ischial bar; and firm foam for the perimeter and the medial thigh separator.
  • Positioning Supports to improve stability (important for users with compromised sitting balance or who transfer frequently).
    • Multi-stiffness foam provides support as user is immersed in the cushion. Medial and lateral supports minimize internal and external lower extremity rotation. Pelvic bucketing and a pre-ischial ridge help maintain pelvic position, and thigh troughs promote a neutral femoral position.
  • Valve options:
    • Pressure Setting Valve (PSV) – takes guesswork out of cushion adjustment and makes it automatic.
    • Standard Valve for adjusting air volume -sitting on a fully inflated cushion, the user opens the valve and releases air, closing the valve when sitting on approximately 1/2 inch (13 mm) of air and foam.
  • Cover choice:
    • mesh cover
    • incontinence cover with breathable four-way-stretch material
  • Wedge optional as an accessory – modifiable closed-cell foam wedge reduces seat-to-back angle, which increases the weight-bearing load on the back of the thighs and decreases the load on the buttocks. The 2 inch (5 cm) tapered wedge trims easily for custom fitting to meet individual needs.

Available in a range of sizes:

  • Standard valve – 14×14 and 18×18
  • PSV – 14×14, 16×16, 18×16, 18×18, 18×20, 22×18 and 22×20

Product Information

Variliate Evolution Brochure

Product Codes:

129445, 129520, 129531, 129742, 129960, 129990, 130299, 130421, 130460, 130461, 130551, 130581, 130687, 130745, 130799, 130916, 131189 and 131237