Swivel Tray Table

  • over chair table
  • swings away when not in use
  • fits under most chairs or lounges
  • adjustable in height and base length
  • weight capacity of 13.6kg


The Swivel Tray Table fits onto the side of a couch, chair or recliner.  You can use it to eat, work on your laptop or for activities.  The base has rubber pads to grip the floor.  You can add a cup holder, utensil tray, handle or organiser compartment.

Table dimensions:

  • height adjustable 61-81cm
  • base length adjustable 65-90cm
  • tray size 50.8cm x 38.1cm

Product Codes: 131584 (table), 131924 (handle), 131925 (cup holder), 131926 (side utensil tray), and 131927 (organiser compartment)

Additional information


Accessory handle


Cup holder


Utensil tray


Organiser compartment

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