Omron TENS Machine HVF127

  • provides quick relief from muscle aches & neuralgia
  • improves blood circulation, relieves pain & increases mobility to arthritic sufferers
  • compact powerful TENS machine is small enough to fit into a pocket
  • simple to use device
  • one touch operation allows quick selection of 1 of 9 automatic therapy modes


The Omron TENS Machine HVF127 has different modes to adapt your pain treatment.

Pain relief – 9 different programs:

4 special modes:

The unit comes with the following:

  • main unit
  • electrode cord (this is a consumable)
  • long life pad set (2 pads are also consumable)
  • AAA batteries for trial use
  • electrode holder
  • instruction manual

Product Code: 128490 (unit), 128492 (long life pads), 128493 (electrode leads)

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