Merits Regal 344A XL Mobility Scooter

  • wide seat
  • loop handlebars with finger or thumb throttle operation
  • 4 wheel adjustable suspension system
  • large 14” wheels
  • 4-pole motor for climbing steep hills
  • built-in half speed switch for safe turning
  • fully adjustable leather-feel seat
  • separate emergency braking system for added security
  • easy to access 12 volt socket


The Merits Regal 344A XL is a wide seat, heavy-duty mobility scooter.  The scooter has loop handlebars, 4-wheel adjustable suspension system, large 14″ wheels and a large 4-pole motor for hill climbs.  The Regal 344 has a built-in half speed safety switch for safe turning and a separate emergency braking system for added security.

Product Code: 132167 (blue wide seat)

Product Brochure: Regal 344A XL


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