Merits Interceptor Series 2

  • sporty streamline design
  • adjustable suspension system
  • modern LED lighting system
  • digital LCD dashboard display: time display, battery gauge, temperature, maintenance messages, speed display and odometer
  • extra storage space
  • built-in automatic half speed switch
  • four-pole technology and large controller delivering much more power for climbing steep driveways and hills
  • easy to access 12-volt socket
  • DVA hire approved


A four-wheel, heavy-duty mobility scooter packed with features.  The Merits Interceptor Series 2 is available in silver and red.

  • weight capacity – 204kg
  • overall scooter weight – 165kg
  • dimensions 154cm (l) x 72cm (w) x 145.5cm (h)
  • seat 51ch (w) x 46cm (d)
  • backrest 63cm

Product Codes: 129624 (silver) or 129509 (red)

Product Brochure: Interceptor S2


Additional information


Red colour

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