Limbo Child Waterproof Arm Cast Protector

  • cast protector
  • comfortable
  • easy to use
  • reusable waterproof protector
  • suitable for use in the bath/shower


The Limbo Child Waterproof Wound and Cast Protector seals above the cast and can be used in baths, showers, pools and most circumstances where you need to keep the wound or plaster dry.  The protector is a comfortable, easy to use, reusable waterproof protector; self-sealing and self-supporting which prevents penetration of water.

A complete range of products is available for adults, children, arms and legs.

Product Codes: 124710 (age 4-5), 124711 (age 6-7), 124712 (age 8-10) and 124713 (age 11-13)

Product Brochure: Limbo Waterproof Protectors


Additional information


age 6-7 / 16-22cm circumference


age 8-10 / 22-25cm arm circumference


age 11-13 / 25-34cm arm circumference

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