Limbo Adult Full Leg Injury

  • full leg waterproof wound and cast protector
  • seals 10cm above the cast
  • bathe, shower or swim with confidence
  • keeps wounds or plasters dry
  • reusable


The Limbo Adult Full Leg Injury protector can be used in baths, showers, and pools.  The protector is comfortable, easy to use and reusable.  The limbo protector is self-sealing and self-supporting which prevents penetration of water.

A complete range of products is available for adults, children, arms and legs.

Product Codes: 124684 (39-54cm circumference, 153-163cm height), 124685 (39-54cm circumference, 165-283cm height), 124686 (52-65cm circumference, 153-163cm height), 124687 (52-65cm circumference, 165-183cm height), 124688 (52-65cm circumference, 184-196cm height)

Product Brochure: Limbo Waterproof Protectors


Additional information


39-54cm circumference, 165-283cm height


52-65cm circumference, 153-163cm height


52-65cm circumference, 165-183cm height


52-65cm circumference, 184-196cm height

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