Leg Relaxer

  • elevates legs & improves circulation
  • post surgery recovery – leg, knee, ankle & foot
  • recommended for people with varicose veins, swollen ankles or during pregnancy
  • even weight distribution reduces lower back strain
  • pressure-free support to assist vascular drainage
  • available in removable quilted cover or water resistant steri-plus


The Leg Relaxer is an adjustable, contoured foam wedge which supports the legs in an elevated position in bed. The wedge aids circulation and vascular drainage, reduces lower back pain, and varicose veins.  Available in removable quilted poly/cotton or hospital-approved waterproof cover.  The support has a removable foam wedge which enables user to create a lower support if desired.

Product Codes: 127049 (quilted cover) and 127050 (steri-plus)

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steri-plus waterproof cover

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