Homecraft Handi Reacher

  • wire-driven jaws
  • great for people with limited hand strength
  • ergonomic trigger operated with the whole hand
  • short trigger distance to help with stiff hands
  • slip-resistant jaws can pick up even extremely small items
  • includes a magnet for picking up metal objects
  • includes a hook that aids with dressing


The Homecraft Handi Reacher is a lightweight reacher to assist those with restricted reach or mobility issues.  The Handi-Reacher has a moulded plastic handle with a four-finger operated trigger which operates the moving jaw.  The head can be adjusted and swiveled 360º to the correct position reducing the need to rotate the wrist.  It features an ergonomic trigger that is operated with the whole hand and slip resistant jaws that can pick up small objects. Includes a magnet to pick up metal objects and a hook to assist with dressing. The shaft is made from aluminum. Available in different lengths.

Product Codes: 128611 (61cm), 128612 (76cm) and 128613 (90cm)

Additional information


long version 76cm


extra long version 90cm


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