Etac Swift 2 Tilt In Space Mobile Shower Commode

  • soft & quick-drying backrest
  • curved footrests
  • seat to floor height adjustability 50-65cm
  • adjustable armrests and headrest
  • rear opening seat
  • -5 to +35 degree tilt function from either side of chair
  • weight capacity of 160kg



The Etac Swift 2 Tilt In Space Mobile Shower Commode is attendant propelled, easy to manoeuvre and customisable to different user needs.  The commode has a -5° to +35° tilt function that can be operated from either side of the chair. It also has, as standard, a soft and quick-drying backrest and curved footrests add to user comfort.  The chair has a generous maximum user weight of 160 kg as standard, and seat-to-floor height adjustability (45-60 cm). The armrests are adjustable in height and width, and has height adjustable, swing away footrests.

Product Code: 132890 (Swift Mobil Tilt-2, with pan holder)

Product Brochure: Etac Swif Mobil Tilt-2


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