Hospital Baby Bassinet

An affordable, easy to use safe sleeping arrangement for your baby – available as a hire item only.

  • Clear sided to allow easy monitoring
  • Wheels for ease of mobility (includes brakes)
  • Usable in an elevated position to assist with reflux
  • Sleep, bathe and change your baby in one location
  • Used in most Australian maternity wards



Need an affordable way to look after your baby upon leaving hospital?  You can hire a hospital baby bassinet from us!  The bassinet is clear sided so you can keep an eye on your baby at all times.  Wheels make it easy to move and there are brakes to apply when stationery.  The bassinet is able to be used in an elevated position if your baby suffers from reflux.  What is most convenient is that your baby can sleep, be bathed and also changed in the bassinet; it’s very versatile!  This is the type of bassinet that is used in most Australian maternity wards.


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